Our Story

Celebrating our 25th year of service in 2014, A.I.M. Mutual values the opportunity to provide employers with the workers compensation services they expect and deserve. We work with employers who share a genuine commitment to developing and managing all aspects of their workers compensation programs. Our service-oriented approach is unique in the industry.

From its beginnings in 1988, A.I.M. Mutual has adhered to its founding principles to provide workers compensation and employers liability insurance coverage at a level of service that sets the industry standard. What seems like a straightforward concept today was, in fact, once a visionary approach to this critical business need.

A.I.M. Mutual introduced workers compensation as a partnership between the employer and the insurer, and, in short order, employers welcomed the change and saw the immediate benefits. The company has grown to one of the largest regional workers compensation specialists, maintaining a major share of the Massachusetts market.

In contrast with other states 25 years ago, Massachusetts transformed how businesses deal with on-the-job injuries of their employees. A.I.M. Mutual has been in the forefront of this transformation, at first, getting it started; now making sure it does not retreat.

In the Beginning 

First formed as a reciprocal exchange, A.I.M. Mutual quickly became a haven for employers and known for its Excellence in Service. A.I.M. Mutual originated during a challenging time for employers.

In 1988, the Massachusetts economy was in a severe downturn, and workers compensation, for many, simply wasn’t working. Unpredictable premiums and administration costs made managing a workers compensation program close to impossible, and employers--some with their corporate livelihoods at stake--were looking for relief and answers.

Of even greater concern were injured employees who often found themselves caught in a system that was overwhelmingly complex and that impeded their treatment, dragged out their recovery, and delayed their ability to return to work.

Bringing the idea for A.I.M. Mutual into reality and keeping the company competitive was not an easy undertaking. Associated Industries of Massachusetts, the largest nonprofit employers association in the Commonwealth, sponsored the formation of the company.  It’s a relationship that has grown even stronger two decades later.

Stability in workers compensation costs and a way to make these costs more predictable for employers was what A.I.M. Mutual promised to deliver, and Massachusetts employers responded enthusiastically. Meanwhile, the workers compensation system in Massachusetts was far from fixed. Insurance costs continued to surge and the Commonwealth became one of the three most expensive states in the nation in terms of workers compensation costs.

On behalf of the employers it represented, Associated Industries of Massachusetts took an active role in finding a long-term, statewide solution to the problem. It joined with a number of interested parties, including A.I.M. Mutual and other insurers, employers, legislators, medical providers, and attorneys, in a series of proactive sessions.

The result was the landmark Workers Compensation Reform Act of 1991.  It simplified the existing complex maze for resolving disputes and rejuvenated the workers compensation market in Massachusetts. Since the early 1990s, workers compensation costs have been reduced by as much as 64% largely due to the Reform Act and increased competition.

A.I.M. Mutual, together with Associated Industries of Massachusetts, continues to educate employers on important developments in the industry and their potential impact. To that end, the company hosts seminars on a variety of claim-related topics, including “mock” trials involving workers compensation cases, changes in workers compensation law, and effective management strategies based on actual claim situations.

Setting the Standard in Partnership with Employers

A.I.M. Mutual remains committed to helping employers control workplace injuries and contain workers compensation and related costs. As health care costs began their upward spiral, A.I.M. Mutual developed programs designed to manage this complex part of the workers compensation process. In 2005 the Company introduced a Medical Care Improvement Initiative, designed to provide injured workers with access to quality medical care and patient advocacy through A.I.M. Mutual’s affiliation with Best Doctors Occupational Health Institute (BDOHI). The goal is to get injured workers to the right place the first time, on time, in order to receive the best care.  They are guided through a medical care delivery process utilizing specially trained nurse advocates and medical directors.

The Care Improvement Initiative is working and is becoming an industry model. Results to date are promising, with significant reductions in time away from work due to disability. The Initiative, along with a new pharmaceutical program, has also helped to better manage the quality and cost of prescription medications for injured employees. The overall results are reduced workers compensation costs for employers, and more importantly, improved medical outcomes for injured workers.

A.I.M Mutual can’t stress enough how important it is to bring an employee back to work as quickly as possible, even in what is called “modified duty.” People recover far more quickly with certain injuries if they continue to be involved with their workplace. That keeps costs down, too, but the most pressing goal is to get injured workers the best care possible. If they are able to work while the treatment is ongoing, that’s ideal.

Preventing workplace accidents and illnesses is also a priority and is the driving force behind the Company’s Injury Prevention and Worksite Wellness (IPWW) Initiatives. Launched in 2013, these initiatives build upon our established loss control programs and integrate wellness into the workplace. In Massachusetts alone, employee injuries happen at upwards of 100,000 times a year. At A.I.M. Mutual, we not only look at the root cause but at the conditions, trends and employee health issues that often contribute to injuries and to the timetable for recovery.,

A.I.M. Mutual employs one of the largest safety staffs in the Commonwealth. They work closely with policyholders to identify potential safety hazards in the workplace and heighten awareness among their workers. Knowledgeable in Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements, they help keep policyholders in compliance with state and federal law. Together with the Workplace Wellness Coordinator, the IPWW staff also provides the analytical data necessary to help policyholders customize programs that will make an immediate impact, ranging from worksite evaluations and ergonomic studies to on-site training for safety and employee wellness concerns.

Excellence in Service      

We have been a mutual insurance company since 1996, and. our subsidiary companies include Associated Employers Insurance Company, Massachusetts Employers Insurance Company, and New Hampshire Employers Insurance Company. In 2001 we expanded operations to include New Hampshire, and in 2013, we became licensed to write workers compensation insurance in the state of Connecticut.

Today we are proud to be one of the top providers of workers compensation in Massachusetts. The A.I.M. Mutual Insurance Companies are rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company, the nationally recognized insurance rating organization, for their financial strength. See A.M. Best Rating  or click on the A.M. Best icon on our home page for details on our rating.

At A.I.M. Mutual, we recognize that no company or concept, regardless of how well conceived, can succeed without the right people in place. We credit our staff, all highly experienced in their disciplines, for putting their service oriented work ethic and workers compensation insurance knowledge into practice, every day, in all they do.

Our employees are expected to be knowledgeable and responsive to our customers and to each other, underscoring the importance we place on a complete and timely exchange of information. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards in our dealings with customers, colleagues, vendors and all industry contacts.

We are fortunate to have a proactive Board of Directors, steadfast in its commitment to keeping our reputation as a premier service provider at the forefront. They have taken A.I.M. Mutual from modest beginnings to a company with net worth over $200 million.

A.I.M. Mutual’s corporate headquarters are in Burlington, Massachusetts and we have four service offices in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. We encourage our technical staff to represent us in developing creative solutions to the challenges and opportunities before us as an industry.

At the same time, our partnership with our employer policyholders remains the cornerstone of all our services. We work to earn our customers trust and respect every day and always appreciate the confidence they have placed in us to handle their workers compensation needs.