OSHA Extends Reporting Deadline

Dec 05, 2017

Employers now have until December 15, 2017 to submit their 2016 injury and illness data electronically from Form 300A. Use the Injury Tracking Application available here https://www.osha.gov/injuryreporting/index.html and refer our IPWW training guide for more information. [View Guide] The original deadline was July 1.

The mandatory electronic reporting primarily applies to businesses with 250 or more employees that are currently required to keep OSHA injury and illness records. It also applies to establishments with 20-249 employees that are classified in certain industries with historically high rates of occupational injuries and illnesses.

Introduced in 2016, the Improve Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses Rule, also known as the Final Rule, is intended to modernize injury data collection and improve communication about workplace hazards to all constituents. Currently, there is very little information about worker injuries and illnesses made public or available to OSHA; now, the data employers collect may be posted on the OSHA website and used for research and analysis. Under the new rule, companies must electronically submit injury and illness information from OSHA Forms 300, 300A and 301 to OSHA. Companies with fewer employees in certain industries must submit the information from OSHA Form 300A only.

Please contact your Injury Prevention and Worksite Wellness consultant with any questions.

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