Message from Michael Standing, President & CEO

Jul 30, 2021

A.I.M. Mutual Coronavirus Update
In Partnership.

Like many of you, here at A.I.M. Mutual, we recently passed a milestone.  In March of 2020, we closed our offices to all but essential employees in the face of a new unknown foe, the COVID-19 pandemic.  As we reflect on this journey, we look at our colleagues, broker partners, policyholders and injured workers with great admiration.  Their resilience and determination through this incredibly challenging event have resulted in new innovations, improved service delivery and a more intense focus on what is really critical to the needs of all of our constituents. 

New business and renewals:

In the spring of 2020, we didn’t know what to expect regarding our ability to conduct normal business operations and what the marketplace would bear through this world-changing event.  Our business development/underwriting/policy production group quickly changed to remote operations and continued to deliver prompt, accurate service to our brokers and policyholders. This resulted in more new business submissions and endorsement requests than we have ever had in our 31-year history.  Working in concert with our broker partners and policyholders, new policies were written, existing policies were adjusted, payment plans modified, and the business needs of our New England constituents were met.


Many colleagues in the claim department have been working remotely, utilizing A.I.M. Vantage resources for medical management and cost containment.  In our new virtual world, our Claim professionals continue to advocate for our brokers, policyholders, and injured workers, while collaborating with colleagues and vendor partners to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Premium Receivables:

The Premium Receivables team at A.I.M. Mutual has been working remotely, in office and in “hybrid” mode, to provide payment solutions for our policyholders.  We understand the business needs of our clients and have listened to the encouragement of the business community and regulators to “do the right thing” when it comes to payment plans and working with customers to resolve any payment issues.

Premium Audit:

Premium audits continue to be a top priority at A.I.M. Mutual.  Our team has the ability to conduct audits virtually, by phone or in person when observing the appropriate safety precautions.  Exposure adjustments have been commonplace over the last year, and the Audit team has been there to make sure your payrolls and Covid-19 class codes are accurate and up to date.

Injury Prevention and Worksite Wellness (IPWW):

Our IPWW team has continued to provide top level services under our A.I.M. Vantage service umbrella.  Our traditional services are still available, along with enhancements such as virtual ergonomic evaluations, return to the workplace resources and our Restore Resilience program to assist with employee morale and well-being.  Additionally, our Consultants are now certified CDC Nursing Home Infection Preventionists, offering, assistance and direction to our many Healthcare policyholders.

Our Future:

Our team at A.I.M. Mutual has shown incredible resilience, innovation, and dedication through this crisis.  We are gradually welcoming many colleagues back to the office and more onsite policyholder visits are resuming. All of New England can continue to count on us to provide the highest level of service as a premier regional workers’ compensation insurer.  We are here to stay.