Claim Seminar FAQ

Dec 01, 2016

Top Five Questions from 2016 Seminars

Our recent claim seminars, featuring the “Wheel of Workers Comp,” were at capacity, and response from policyholders was overwhelmingly positive. Here are some FAQs from our sessions.

Q: Do I hold off on reporting a claim if I’m not sure the injury happened at work?

A: No, always report a claim right away. We’ll do that investigation, and a delay can mean violating the statute.

Q: Massachusetts has a ballot question which would legalize marijuana use (it has since passed.) What should we do as an employer?

A: If you already have a substance abuse policy in place, nothing changes. You can still ban marijuana use on the jobsite or drug test at random or for cause, as long as it’s consistent with your policy.

Q: Should I automatically consent if I’m asked to lump sum settle a claim?

A: No, not right away. Talk with us or your broker first about the value of the claim and the impact it could potentially have on your experience rating/premium.

Q: Do we need a workplace violence policy if our company isn’t open to the public?

A: Yes. All employers need to have a workplace violence policy, which applies to a wide range of situations, from bullying to an active shooter. It’s important not only to have a policy in place, but to communicate it throughout your organization. No one is immune, and incidents can happen between co-workers or with customers.

Q: How often do I need to check in with an injured worker?

A: It varies, but generally we recommend weekly. Invite the employee to call you as well. It gives you the opportunity to discuss progress, modified duty or whether the employee is struggling with other issues, like child care or grocery shopping. Communication is vital to workers compensation claim management.