COVID-19 Resources Available to Employers

Mar 10, 2020

The threat of pandemic brings challenges to every workplace, with employee health and business continuity foremost concerns. As we learn more about Coronavirus and its global impact, situational awareness is key.

Injury prevention consultants have identified federal resources for employers to ensure information is both accurate and relevant. These sites, maintained by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), provide updates on Prevention & Treatment ,Plan, Prepare and Respond , and Employers COVID-19 .

From an employer standpoint, it’s important to stay informed and be prepared. A business continuity plan should address how to sustain operations if significant numbers of employees could not report to work. Employers must also consider the ramifications of suppliers being unable to meet demands. Internally it’s crucial to address how new developments are affecting your workforce and organization. Share universal precautions with employees if that’s appropriate and highlight any specific policies you have in place.

Many A.I.M. Mutual consultants have prior experience working with employers through widespread virus outbreaks, such as the 2006 Avian flu virus. Then and now, federal guidelines are a sound framework for businesses.


Prevention and Treatment

Plan, Prepare and Respond

Employers COVID-19