National Emphasis Program to Focus on Warehouse Safety

Jul 07, 2023

To address high rates of injury in warehouses, a National Emphasis Program is underway and will run for three years.
A.I.M. Mutual's Injury Prevention team will be offering warehouse safety resources and "readiness" assistance to employers
with warehouse operations on request.

The warehouse National Emphasis Program will include all aspects of the operation, including powered industrial trucks, 
according to OSHA agency administrator Doug Parker. In addition to warehouses, the program includes facilities' distribution 
centers and high-risk retail establishments. OSHA cites significant growth in these operations over the last decade with more 
than 1.9 million people employed in the industry. At the same time injury and illness rates for these workers are concerning,
more than twice the rate of private industry in some sectors, according to the Bureau of Labor statistics.

Other components of the National Emphasis Program will impact material handling and storage, walking and working surfaces,
means of egress and fire protection. Heat and ergonomic hazards may also be assessed.

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Visit to keep up to date on this new National Emphasis Program and don't hesitate to
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Source: OSHA National News Release