A.I.M. Mutual Recognizes NH Policyholder for Worksite Safety and Wellness Commitment

Mar 08, 2016

Great American Dining, Inc., also known as the Common Man Family of Restaurants, recently earned a check for over $42,000 from A.I.M. Mutual Insurance Companies. The payment is a direct result of the restaurants’ significant achievement in managing worksite safety and employee injuries.
Owner Alex Ray plans to put the funds to good use, introducing a company-wide wellness program for employees and taking advantage of A.I.M. Mutual’s expertise in the area.

 “The partnership we have with our A.I.M. Mutual team, The Lawson Group and with our agent, Davis & Towle, is an invaluable part of our continuing efforts to provide a safe and healthy workplace,” said Moe LaFreniere, CFO of Great American Dining.

Michael Standing, president and CEO at A.I.M. Mutual, credits not only the excellent performance results at Great American Dining, but the company’s level of commitment and involvement. Great American Dining has been insured with A.I.M. Mutual since 2010 and earned this recent payment through its retrospective premium program.