A.I.M. Mutual is committed to the care and recovery of workers injured on the job. We have been nationally recognized for our medical initiatives and innovation in claims management. From first report through the return-to-work process and management of any controverted claim, we help control workers’ compensation costs and improve outcomes for injured workers. Learn more about our A.I.M. Vantage Injury Management services.










What to Expect: For Employers

If an employee has a work-related injury, provide first aid if appropriate. If medical attention is needed, refer the employee to an approved primary care or occupational health center in your state. The A.I.M. Vantage Pharmacy Management program through ExpressScripts helps to manage medications and associated costs. Employees can find their nearest affiliated pharmacy online and should bring their  Temporary Prescription ID card with them.

A Case Management Nurse, well-versed in occupational health injuries, may be assigned to the claim. Our nurses work closely with claim adjusters and regional claim specialists, who keep in close contact with the employer and the injured worker throughout the course of the claim. Together they facilitate care and help                                                                                                     the injured worker navigate the medical system, minimizing delays in treatment.


NEW! Restore Resilience: For Injured Workers

A.I.M. Mutual recognizes there may be numerous challenges after a workplace injury occurs. That’s why we have launched Restore Resilience, a new and innovative tool to assist employees recovering from an on-the-job accident or illness.

If you have been referred by your claims adjuster or Case Management Nurse, you’re eligible to enroll at no cost to you.

Restore Resilience is personalized for you. Access it anywhere and anytime, choosing features designed to help you meet your goals. It can be tough to adapt and respond positively during stressful times. Building  resilience helps, and it can mean the difference between thriving and merely surviving.





A.I.M. Mutual's Stay at Work/Return to WorkTM Program is customized for each employer. Its goal is to bring the injured worker back to work as soon as he or she is physically able, even if the job is modified or a completely different job. Our data show employees recover faster when they’re back on the job while receiving treatment rather than staying at home.

Our claim adjusters and regional claim staff can help employers develop their own modified duty assignments and program.





Catastrophic Claims


Thankfully, workers’ compensation claims that are considered catastrophic aren’t the norm. But when they happen, the situation is often chaotic and overwhelming. We know employers are looking for help right away. And the help needs to be highly specialized, prioritized and expedited.

That’s what A.I.M. Mutual’s Catastrophic Injury Response team—our CAT Team—does. Our designated personnel are trained to assist employers under the most difficult of circumstances. We also have a Trauma Response partner who offers counseling and support services to co-workers who may have witnessed the accident.

Our heightened response makes all the difference in the aftermath of plant explosions, horrific falls, workplace violence and other traumatic events.

CAT services are often taken for granted until employers have that critical need. We take pride in being the only carrier with a trauma team and regional claim staff on call. They are onsite quickly, joined by other members of the CAT team as needed.