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Meet the Property & Casualty Initiative: Improving Lives throughout Massachusetts

March, 2023

Through its innovative model, the Property & Casualty Initiative has played a key role in community and economic development in Massachusetts. PCI President Michelle Volpe and A.I.M. Mutual's VP & CFO Paul Kehoe discuss the impact PCI has had and how, with the help of insurers like A.I.M. Mutual, hundreds of proposals have become brick and mortar reality. View Transcript



Rallying Around the Kids’ Chance Mission

October, 2022

With a presence in every state, Kids’ Chance awards scholarships to children of workers seriously or fatally injured on-the-job. Vicki Burkhart, Executive Director of Kids Chance of America, and Dan Landers, A.I.M. Mutual President & CEO, talk about the impact and how the workers’ compensation community has united behind this cause. Getting the word out is the single biggest challenge. View Transcript




A.I.M. Mutual: A Look Forward with Daniel Landers

July, 2022

In his first podcast as President & CEO, Dan Landers discusses A.I.M. Mutual’s strengths as a workers’ compensation insurance carrier and how a “back to basics” philosophy is driving the customer experience. The path ahead, his views on innovation, and the value of renewed collaboration are among the topics. View Transcript




Affinity Market Groups: What We Bring to the Workers’ Comp Table

July, 2022

Why consider an Affinity Market Group for your workers’ compensation clients? What drives this concept and how does a community of like businesses really benefit? Kevin Snyder, Director of Sales & Marketing, and Daniel Ilnicky, Director of Injury Prevention, Worksite Wellness & Business Relations, bring the advantages to light. From A.I.M. Mutual’s proven track record to services tailored by state, they invite broker partners to have a conversation about this unique opportunity. View Transcript




Emerging Issues: Wearable Technology and Today’s Workplace

July, 2022

From fitness trackers to robotics in manufacturing, wearable technology is transforming the way we work. In our new series, Emerging Issues in Workers’ Compensation, injury prevention experts Patricia Coutu and Christopher King discuss how wearables make a difference in surgical outcomes, lifting and handling, productivity, wellness, and so much more. View Transcript




Making a Difference in Workers’ Compensation Claims

March, 2022

Ben Kounaves and Lorraine Christopher, Return to Work Specialists at A.I.M. Mutual, discuss their role as navigators for injured workers and dispel myths surrounding workers’ compensation claims. How they found their way to insurance, the value in collaboration, and memorable cases are all among the topics. View Transcript




2021 Kickoff: Our Partnership with Gillette Stadium and the New England Patriots

August, 2021

A.I.M. Mutual is the workers’ compensation carrier for Gillette Stadium. Dan Landers and Kevin Snyder discuss how our road led to Foxborough and how delivering service to the home of the New England Patriots is a full team effort. The innerworkings, the season ahead and our in-house rivalry are all part of the conversation.




The Bottomline Benefits of Workplace Ergonomics

August, 2020

SME Christopher King discusses why Ergonomics--the interaction between people and their work environment—are more important than ever before. Whether in the office, at home or on the manufacturing floor, the principles are the same. Small changes bring big benefits in quality, productivity, engagement and costs. Chris explains how.  View Transcript




Three Must-Have Elements in Workplace Safety

August, 2020

No matter the industry, top workplace safety programs all share three key elements. Patricia Coutu, Injury Prevention and Worksite Wellness Supervisor, lets us know what they are and where your priorities should be. Do you rely too heavily on PPE? Do you really know what your claims are costing? Are you training enough? Patricia guides you through the benefits of an A.I.M. Mutual partnership. View Transcript




Social Distancing While Bringing the Workforce Back Together

June, 2020

Meghan Kirby, Injury Prevention and Worksite Wellness Consultant, talks about how to change behavior and navigate social distance protocols in the workplace. The future of handshakes, meetings, travel and the shared work experience are all concerns going forward. Learn what industries like manufacturing can do right away and what resources all industries can rely on. View Transcript




Workplace Safety: Top Questions Employers Are Asking

July, 2020

First, we listen. Here Wendy Rosati, Injury Prevention & Worksite Wellness Supervisor, responds to commonly asked employer questions. What should I be doing differently? Will I see real results? Can you reboot my existing program? And how do I navigate OSHA reporting? She has answers. View Transcript




Building Wellness into Injury Prevention

March, 2019

Loss control has long been a staple in workers’ compensation, so when A.I.M. Mutual launched a new initiative in 2013, it raised some eyebrows. Today, the company’s Injury Prevention & Worksite Wellness (IPWW) model has a proven track record of success. Dan Ilnicky, IPWW Senior Manager, cites his team’s accomplishments to date and how policyholders across the board have benefited.  View Transcript




Recruitment Challenges for the Insurance Industry

March, 2019

Many industry analysts are predicting that ten years from now, you may not recognize this insurance business of ours, given that half the insurance workforce is expected to retire in that timeframe. Whether you’ve felt the impact already or it’s still a few years off, it’s best to prepare for one of the biggest challenges ahead.  View Transcript




Recruiting for Insurance: Technology and Creativity

March, 2019

How do you get the word out to job-seekers about the benefits of an insurance career? And have you created a culture that not only attracts but retains the employees you need to go forward? Mark Millett, Recruiter & Learning & Development Specialist for A.I.M. Mutual, sheds light on those challenges and effective strategies you might want to put in place.  View Transcript