Aim Mutual Services

Injury Prevention & Worksite Wellness

What can you expect from Injury Prevention & Worksite Wellness at A.I.M. Mutual? There are four key components, resulting in an enhanced consultative approach to loss prevention in the workplace. Loss control, in fact, is only part of the service product we offer. The IPWW name reflects our expanded capabilities and direction.


The IPWW Consultative Approach allows us to partner with you to develop business-based plans that are tied to actual strategies. The activities and accountabilities for your organization will be specific, and we’ll help you implement changes to structure or processes that may be necessary.  Our multi-pronged approach has proven successful, and employers are already seeing benefits.

#1 Broad-Based Consulting

It begins with team building. IPWW Consultants interface with A.I.M. Mutual specialists in other areas, such as underwriting, claim and audit, as well as with our external partners, who may be brokers, advisors and advocates on your behalf. The approach yields:

  • Identification of the key decision-makers, who share responsibility and accountability for developing concise and detailed service plans --with consequences clearly defined.
  • Recommendations and a distinct service focus which looks to the root causes of major loss sources.
  • Service frequency, driven by your needs and exposures.


#2 Putting Wellness In Its Place 

We’ll show you the value of worksite wellness and why a culture of wellness matters. Specifically we can:

  • Review A.I.M. Works: The Wellness Advantage, a three-year program available to voluntary policyholders.
  • Support all health promotion efforts through the distribution of A.I.M. Mutual wellness resources.
  • Analyze claim experience to include identifying health risk factors. This may provide opportunities for future programming.


#3 Policyholder Performance Metrics

Here’s how we’ll measure your success:

  • Set specific metrics to monitor the progress of business plans against expected outcomes, based in part on meetings, interactions with your personnel, and site visits.
  • Provide services beyond the hazard or actual loss to target any contributing factors.
  • Create a client-focused strategy and plan of action. Both are based on identification of actual and potential loss sources and your own corporate culture. Collaborative business planning includes assignment of accountability and responsibility.


#4 Training

Our IPWW staff has expertise in a wide range of industries, processes, compliance and safety standards. We’re here to help.

  • Training is need-based, with clearly defined objectives, outcomes and performance metrics.
  • As strategies and plans evolve, performance metrics will reflect reduced losses and loss ratios.
  • We support a “Train the Trainer”-based program, designed to instill sustainability and cultural buy-in within your organization.
  • Training is determined by the IPWW Consultant working with your key decision makers.


IPWW Consultants recognize the benefits of collaboration and look to establish priorities to achieve your goals. Meeting with you on-site is beneficial, giving IPWW Consultants the opportunity to observe and understand workplace practices and culture. Is there a production goal contributing to excessive injuries? Is fatigue suspected in more than one case? Could the repetitive nature of the job, lack of training, or incentives for overtime be contributing to losses? This approach attempts to look at all possible considerations.


IPWW Consultants closely examine any recurring or inter-related injuries that are taking place and work with you on interpreting the reasons why. On-site visits allow us to develop a mutual understanding on how best to approach issues such as regulatory compliance, business improvement and possibly a cultural change in your workplace.