What Are the Risk Factors?

  • Lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) use.
  • Improper release of steam from cooked food items.
  • Spills or splashing of hot food items.

Injury Prevention Strategies for Burn Hazards

  1. Provide and inspect hand burn protection items, e.g., gloves, potholders, etc.
  2. Establish procedures and training for handling hot food items. Always release steam away from the body.
  3. Use tongs to lower food into boiling water.

Resources and Training Guides

Restaurant Supervisor Training Tips https://www.osha.gov/dte/grant_materials/fy11/sh-22240-11/6RestaurantSupervisorSafetyTips.pdf

Hospitality: Preventing Burns http://www.worksafe.vic.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0015/13821/HSS0071_-_Hospitality_-_Preventing_burns.pdf

Burn Injury Facts http://www.lni.wa.gov/safety/research/files/restaurantscaldburns.pdf