The Injury Prevention and Worksite Wellness (IPWW) department is considered A.I.M. Mutual’s technical eyes and ears in the field, working with each policyholder to maintain the safest possible work environment. Our colleagues have a wide range of backgrounds that build a collective knowledge base and add to the professionalism A.I.M. Mutual is known for.

Our staff has expertise in areas ranging from health & human services and construction to engineering, public health, and general industries.

While an inspection-based model of service has merit, we believe it addresses only part of the overall exposure.  Consider that this OSHA-based activity has been in place since 1970, nearly 50 years. Focusing exclusively on brick and mortar, machines and equipment leaves a big area of known exposures undetected.

That’s why at A.I.M. Mutual, IPWW is far more expansive and business-driven, focusing on systems, processes and, most importantly, people.

The Injury Prevention and Worksite Wellness department changed its name in 2013 to better describe its role and what it can offer to employers in virtually all industries.  We have gone beyond the traditional loss control model to one that incorporates wellness as an integral part of our consulting services.

A.I.M. Mutual is a leader in providing workers compensation insurance, and our IPWW team remains committed to setting the standard in insurance service. 

Our IPWW brochure is available on request from any member of our consulting team.