Smart Phone Applications for On-the-job Reference

Today’s technology can provide instant guidelines for a wide range of workplace safety testing. While it can’t be a substitute for in-depth onsite analyses, employers are finding phone apps to be a helpful resource in determining whether further injury prevention steps need to be taken. Keep in mind accuracy can vary; use the sites for general reference only. Most apps below are free; some nominal charges may apply.


Injury Prevention

  1. Heat Safety for Outdoor Workers

      OSHA-NIOSH Heat Safety Tool App

      For additional information:



      NIOSH Sound Level Meter App


  1. Personal Alertness Test

      AlertMeter from AppAdvice



      USW Chemical Safety – Department of Labor



      Interactive Occupational Health & Safety Calculator – American Industrial Hygiene Association (iOS)


  1. Ergonomics in the Mining Industry

      ErgoMine – CDC /NIOSH (Android)

      For additional information:


  1. Ladder Safety (including Step Ladders)

      NIOSH Ladder Safety

      For additional information:


  1. Hazmat Reference and Emergency Response Guide (iOS)


  1. Occupational Health & Safety (Regulatory news/training resources)


  1. WISER – Wireless Information System for Emergency Responders

     National Institute of Health

Worksite Wellness

  1. online food and exercise tracking -MyNetDiary  (iOS)

  1. Meditation and Mindfulness

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