A.I.M. Mutual Joins CDC National Project Team

Jun 05, 2017

A.I.M. Mutual recently accepted an invitation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to be a stakeholder group member for the organization’s Work@Health® program. Specifically, the group will be responsible for examining the structure and design elements for a Regional Training Center model, intended to expand the capacity and reach of the Work@Health® program.

Representing A.I.M. Mutual on the Stakeholder Planning team is Martha Gagnon, CWPD, CWP, Employee Benefit & Wellness Specialist, who attended the kick-off meeting in Atlanta in May. A.I.M. Mutual is the only workers’ compensation insurer on the team, which includes the American Heart Association and Ohio State.

Launched in 2014 and sponsored by the CDC, the Work@Health® program has trained nearly 500 employers and certified 65 trainers across the county. They learn how to establish, expand and improve science- and practice-based health promotion strategies in the workplace.

According to Ms. Gagnon, the stakeholder group members are charged with determining what’s needed to establish effective Regional Training Centers in several U.S. locations, including the Northeast. The Centers must be capable of delivering training to employers and train-the-trainers at both the basic and advanced levels. A.I.M. Mutual’s in-house program, A.I.M. Works: The Wellness Advantage™, has similar components that may be adaptable to the large-scale project.

In thanking the participants, Coordinators Jason Lang and Kevin Allen called the effort an “important project in helping America have the healthiest workforce.”

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