Dan Ilnicky joins Lori Bourgoin on AIM HR Solutions Podcast

Nov 13, 2023

Dan Ilnicky, A.I.M. Mutual's Director of Injury Prevention, Worksite Wellness & Business Relations, was recently featured on the Human Solutions podcast, hosted by AIM HR Solutions. He joined HR expert Lori Bourgoin to discuss the ins and outs of workers' compensation including post-injury management, legal compliance, and communication challenges.

A safety culture at the workplace, Dan noted, is critical. "One of the things that we work really hard for, and this is that proactive piece, is that nobody should go to work with an anticipation that they might get hurt there," he said. "Things do happen. We recognize that, but to be proactive and to do job safety analysis and to identify those things that you can do to be proactive to reduce and eliminate potential for exposures and injuries is of utmost importance."

The podcast, Workers' Comp Unpacked: Navigating Injuries, Communication and Compliance, is a must-listen for anyone in HR or managing workplace injuries.

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