Managing Risks in Healthcare

Apr 09, 2018

Learn more about risk factors and injury prevention strategies in health care through a new online resource for policyholders. Construction, hospitality and general industries are also featured.  Find this new resource here on our homepage here.

To help educate employers, our injury prevention specialists have targeted areas of concern, from fall hazards to known risks associated with certain jobs. They recommend specific accident prevention and safety protocols for each hazard.

Within the healthcare section, injury prevention strategies are outlined for blood borne pathogens, manual movement and handling of patients or residents, and slips, trips and falls as well as for combative or confrontational situations.

The hospitality industry focus is on burns, lacerations, musculoskeletal disorders and fall risks, while general industry includes materials handling and workplace violence. The construction industry section educates employers on electrocution hazards in addition to other risks.

These guidelines are intended as an overview for employers, and additional online references are provided for each industry. As always, policyholders can call their Injury Prevention & Worksite Wellness specialist with any questions.