Struck-by Hazards

What are the Risk Factors?

  • Vehicles.
  • Falling or flying objects.
  • Construction of masonry walls.

Injury Prevention Strategies for Construction Struck-by Hazards

  1. Wear seat belts that meet or exceed OSHA standards.
  2. Check vehicles before each shift to assure safe operating condition.
  3. Do not drive in reverse gear with an obstructed rear view.
  4. Wear hard hats.
  5. Stack materials to prevent sliding, falling or collapse.
  6. Use protective measures such as toe boards and debris nets.
  7. Do not place construction loads on a concrete structure without identifying loading limits.
  8. Shore or brace structures adequately until permanent supporting elements are in place.
  9. Allow essential personnel only in the work area.

Resources and Training Guides

Struck-by Hazards: Instructor Guide

OSHA Outreach Training

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