A.I.M. Works: How the Wellness Advantage is Helping our Policyholders

Expanding Our Consultative Approach:

At A.I.M. Mutual, we have long recognized the value of innovation. It’s the driving force behind Setting the Standard in Service Excellence.

Injury Prevention & Worksite Wellness (IPWW) brings our newest initiatives in workers compensation insurance management to employers.

With IPWW, we are building upon our established reputation as a leader in the occupational safety field. Our team takes a proactive, consultative approach in order to provide the range of services you need. That includes not only risk assessment and safety, but a focus on underlying issues associated with employee health.

Our wellness programs were developed to effectively address the well-being of your employee population. There are often other contributing health factors at the time an employee has a work-related injury or illness. These factors, such as smoking, can extend a worker’s recovery time and drive up the cost of workers compensation claims. IPWW brings it all together for you, providing you with ways to prevent injuries and improve your return to work rates. We look forward to working with you.